I Celebrate Broken Promises

By admin - April 16, 2018

I celebrate broken promises

you promised
you would come,
dine together
and play some.
you called
to say that you’re
in the elevator,
prompting stacks of
your favorites
out of refrigerator.
i waited in my new
embroidered gown,
until darkness descended
upon the small town.
when i called realizing
it must’ve been your elevator,
“sorry” is all you said to me,
and there it ended,
a magical night that could not be.
it didn’t make me angry or cry,
i did ask everything in the house
once, or maybe twice
if they could answer why.
all ganged up against me—
if you don’t know how would we
i was like—
fine, it was
just not meant to be.
i let the candles burn,
music play, and roses smile,
you see, i celebrate
even broken promises,

that’s just my style.

© r a m n a   s h a r m a

This poem is by Ramna Sharma from her debut poetry collection, Gritty Girl

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