Rape Epidemic – Another Young Indian Woman Raped and Murdered

By admin - December 29, 2012

December 29, 2012 – Another girl violated, another life punctuated by the brutality of those men who regard women as mere sex objects. Another hole punched in the world’s largest democracy where women, accounting for half of its population, are yet to attain their true freedom!
The 23-year old paramedical student who was gang-raped, 13 days ago, by six men in Delhi succumbed to injuries this morning. She was so brutally raped and violated with an iron rod that her intestine had to be removed. But she was a brave girl who wanted to live and fight on. For two weeks she battled against all odds to live and to keep the hopes of those praying for her alive. Doctors treating her knew all along that her body had suffered extreme injuries and that she might not be able to make it. At 4:45AM (Singapore time) this morning, she succumbed to her injuries.
Nation grieves but will it start seeing and treating women any differently?
The brave one was being treated in Delhi’s Safdarjung hospital where she braved three surgeries, including one to remove her intestine, before she was airlifted to a multi-organ transplant facility Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore. But her state deteriorated within 24 hrs of reaching there. She had multiple organ failures due to severe injuries to her body and brain. She couldn’t fight anymore. At 4:45AM Singapore time, she passed away. Leaving a mourning nation and an unfinished battle for justice behind.
It is for the media and the youth of India to keep the pressure on and demand a safer India – from government, police, judiciary, society, and themselves.

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