Wish Malala Well as she Goes Home

By admin - January 04, 2013

Image: NDTV
15 yr old Malala was shot in the head – for advocating education for girls in Pakistan.
In October, 2012, severely injured Malala was first treated in Pakistan and then air lifted to a hospital in London. Today, she was discharged from the hospital.
She hasn’t fully recovered yet but her doctors felt that she’s now well enough to continue her recovery in the company of her family. In recent weeks, she has already been spending some time, away from the hospital, at her temporary home in England so the doctors felt confident of discharging her.
Malala is scheduled for another reconstructive surgery in about a month but her release from the hospital will spread cheers among many who have been closely monitoring her story.
Attack on Malala drew strong condemnation from people across the globe. It exposed the dangers that young girls in the region have to brave to get educated. Her story mobilized unprecedented international support for women’s education. Thousands signed online petitions proposing her nomination for Nobel Peace Prize.
Women rights groups and other leaders across the world admired young girl’s courageous activism and extended their full support for her mission. She has become a global symbol for fight against women’s repression.
“Malala is a strong young woman and has worked hard with the people caring for her to make excellent progress in her recovery,” said Dave Rosser, Medical Director, Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
The young girl is a true symbol of courage against all odds. Let’s wish her complete and fast recovery!

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