Toll Free ‘181’ Helpline for Women in Delhi – Finally!

By admin - January 02, 2013

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In Delhi, women in distress can now call ‘181’ for help. And, it does ring. It’s a toll free number that can be dialed from a landline or mobile phone.
Let’s not ask Delhi Chief Minister, Shiela Dikshit – what took her so long? While the question is completely justified, let’s just celebrate that year 2013 arrived with some women-caring ringtone.
Yes, it took an unbearable and unforgettable sacrifice by a young woman who was brutally gang-raped on the heartless roads of Delhi in a moving bus. She fought hard for her life but in the end her injuries proved fatal. She died far way in a hospital in Singapore. Back home, in fight and in death, she united the nation like never before. And, forced authorities to act.
“If the government had acted before, if the police had been doing its duty, the brave one would be among us today,” has been the collective voice of men and women in India ever since the heinous incident came to light. People took to streets to demand justice and better security. Government, as always, initially did all that it could to suppress the angry voices – water cannons, teargas, lathicharge – followed by pacifying tactics including hollow condolences and fake promises.
Delhi CM experienced the level of anger herself when she was shooed away by protestors from Jantra Mantra where she had gone to show solidarity with the demonstrators. She was forced to do what she had failed to do during last 15 years as Delhi’s Chief Minister – that is some concrete steps towards the safety of women in the state. It took an innocent girl’s death to bring about a helpline for women in the city.
After some initial glitches, the 181 helpline went live on January 1. The service will be connected to all the police stations in Delhi. It is being advertised heavily to spread the awareness.
It’s an easy to remember number. Let’s hope it stays active and helps those in need!

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